Workstation Ergonomics

Workstation Ergonomics is critical for those people who use any type of desk or have to work in a home office environment. Many factors including height, posture and lighting can affect your wellbeing. This video highlights the many ways you can stay safe and how to best configure your desk. Produced by jonburke creative digital […]

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Introduction to Safety

Going into the workplace exposes younger workers to great risk partly due to their unfamiliarity to they many hazards that exist. This video introduces workers in any sector to underlying safety concepts that compare safety out of work to safety at work. Issues like complacency and being too keen to plead by taking risks are

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Horticulture course Horticulture careers can lead apprentices into some of the most sought after jobs as curators or golf courses, cricket grounds or many other high profile venues and gardens. While highly rewarding, it can also be a safety challenge with dangerous saws, power tools, chemical substances and other hazards. This video will take the

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Kitchen Safety

Commercial kitchens are where the magic happens in the best restaurants and eateries across Australia. However, many hazards lurk and the potential hazards could be extremely serious if respect is not paid to them. This video runs over all the key hazards and provides practical steps to stay safe in the Commercial Kitchen. Run time

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